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ClickAlgo Support Hub

Welcome to the ClickAlgo Support Hub where we offer knowledge to help you use cTrader and our products.

ClickAlgo Support Hub

Update: This is a new site and we are adding new content on a regular basis to help you use the cTrader platform and our products.

cTrader Installation

Install cTrader Desktop and get up and running in minutes.

Getting started

Set up in 5 minutes

cBot Installation

Learn how to install cBots and start using them with cTrader Desktop.

Installing cBots

How to install cBots & indicators

Starting cBots

Learn how to run your cTrader cBots or automated trading robots.

Running cBots

How to start a cBot

cTrader Plugins

Learn how to install & run your cTrader Plugins.

Running Plugins

How to start a Plugin

Displaying Indicators

How to attach and show an indicator to a chart.

Displaying Indicators

How to display an indicator

Visual Backtesting

Learn how to test your manual or automated strategies with the Visual Backtesting Tool.

Visual Backtesting

How to visual backtest a cBot

Product User Guides

Access our users guides to learn how to set-up and configure our products at

Access User Guides

Read our user guides

Product Registration

Find out how to register your ClickAlgo cBots and Indicators.

Registering Products

How to register your cBots

Product Requirements

Find out the requirements to run our products in Windows & Mac OS.

Product Requirements

Windows & macOS Requirements

Product Licensing

When you use our products under license, you can register once and use anywhere for a single cTrader account.

Product License FAQs

Read our License FAQs

Product Support

Please use our product support website to ask any questions or report any bugs.

Product Support

Product Support & Help

Mac OS Support

If you are using a Macintosh computer with cTrader then we advise you first find out what products are supported.

Mac OS Support

Support for macOS Users

Email & Telegram

Find out how to configure and test your email and Telegram accounts to send messages via cTrader.

Email & Telegram

Email & Telegram Configuration

Account Help

We can help you with login or registration issues at

Account Help

Website Login & Registration Issues

Help Center

You can also visit the help center FAQs for a quick answer to any questions.

Visit Help Center

Help Center - All Your Questions Answered

Report a Bug

Please report any issues you may have using our cTrader cBots and indicators.

Report a Bug

Tell us About Any Bugs

Refund Terms

Read our refund terms for our website products & software development service.

Read Our Refund Terms

Our 14-Day Refund Terms & Conditions


Learn how to build a cBot using ChatGPT with no coding experience.

Creating cBots

How to create a cBot

Contact Us

Contact us regarding any problems with your products or our services.

Contact Us

Contact us for Help

Coding Help

How to get help coding your cBots & indicators.

Coding Help

Contact us for coding Help

Best Brokers

Choose a great broker to start trading Forex, Indices, Stocks, Metals & Crypto.

cTrader Brokers

Best cTrader brokers