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Mac OS Support

We are in the process of upgrading as many of our cTrader cBots and Indicators to work with the Mac OS as possible, most of our free tools already work out of the box. You can find a list of the paid products that are supported on the link below.

cTrader for the Mac

How to Check

Before you waste time downloading a trial or paying for one of our products, do a quick check to see if the product is supported, you can easily find this information on each product page near the product image.

Mac Check

Not Supported

We do have some products that are not supported on the MacOS, you can find them here.

Common Problems

Some common problems that customers experience when using one of our products for the Mac OS is that the cBot or indicator needs to be upgraded to NET 6, the latest version of cTrader, if you see the image below contact us to upgrade the file.

Mac Not Supported

Another problem that may occur for paid products that use a registration panel on the chart is that the panel does not show, this can happen on Mac OS 10 and the cTrader Team are investigating to correct this.