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Account Login Help

When you register an account with us, we do not allow junk information like fake names or attempts to register multiple accounts.

New Registration

If you are a new customer who has just registered an account with us, below are some of the reasons you why you may see the message Account Does Not Exist.

How to register a new account

In most cases you just need to create a new account. Please note that if you have more than 1 account, the system will delete the duplicate accounts usually within 48 hours.

Email Verification

Part of the registration process is to make sure your email address is valid, we send a verification email to you to click on a link, if you attempt to login without verifying your email you will see the error message Login was unsuccessful. Account is not yet active.

If you do not receive the email verification from us within 1 hour, check your spam folder. In all cases try to register with another email, we recommend that you use gmail.

Junk Accounts

You may have registered a fake account using junk data, this account may have been removed automatically by the system.

Duplicate Accounts

If you already have an active account with us or attempt to register another account you will see the message You already have registered an account. Validation email has been sent. You may have registered an account with us in the past and forgot about it.

Disposable Emails

We check for disposable emails during registration, but if you later change your email address to a disposable one, our system will automatically deactivate your account, you will need to contact us with a valid email to get it activated again.

Failed Name Validation

If you attempt to register an account using your real first and last name and you receive an error message telling you The first and last name failed validation, this is because the system has identified your name as a made up name and not real. If you did attempt to register using your real name, you can bypass the name validation by registering an account using a more common first and last name and once registered, you can login into your account and update the name to your real name.

We recommend that you update your name to your real name so that when you attempt to make a purchase for one of our products or services, the payment is not declined by our payment providers. Also, it is better that we address you using your real name when you ask for help.

How to register a company

If you wish to register your company name, you will need to use your real first and last name, followed by the company name in the correct field, please do not use your company name as your natural personal name.

Account Login

Already Registered?

If you receive the error message below when you attempt to register a new account with us, it will be because at some point in the past you registered an account with us under a different email.

You have already registered using the following email address:

If the email address does not belong to you then on extreme rare cases you are sharing an IP address with someone else, to fix this you can restart your internet router to be assigned a new IP address so you can register an account. If this fails you can register a new account using your mobile phone and login on your computer after.

Registering Duplicate Accounts

If you register duplicate accounts which means you have more than one account with us, our system will identify this and automatically remove the last registered account.

Forgot Password/Username

If you have registered an account with us in the past and now you cannot log in, you may have forgotten your username or password, as long as you remember the email address that you used you can request a password change or view your username.

Password Recovery