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Product Support

If you are using any product downloaded from our website and you have some questions or you wish to report a problem, you will need to use our support site, we do not offer email support due to the following reasons.

  • We can respond on the support site within 1-hour during our working hours.
  • You will probably find the answer to your question on the support site.
  • The support site provides a better environment for communication.
  • We have over 20K customers to support and a limited number of support staff.
  • Email support is time-consuming and difficult to communicate with our customers.

How to Register

To register a new account at first visit the website and on the top left you will see a link called sign-up, click on this and you will now be able to register a new account. You can use the same username and email address that you used when you created an account with, this will help us provide a better support by looking up your account.

Email Validation Step

You will receive an email where you need to reply by clicking on the validation link, you need to do this to activate your account. If you do not receive the email in 15-minutes, check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not receive the email, contact us using the email address you signed up with.

ClickAlgo Support Sign-Up

Product Help

Post in this group for help with using one of our products, this can include how to use it and any issues you feel may be a bug.

Product Help

Registration Help

Post in this group for help with registering your digital product that you downloaded from our website.

Registration Help

Email Support

If you are unwilling to use our support site and you prefer email support, we will not be able to help you. When you registered an account with you agreed to the website terms of service to use the support website.

Any customer who does not want to use the support website for product support can either continue to use our products without support or delete their account with us and use another software vendor.

We only offer email communication for customers who use our development service and business all related queries.

Help Center

We recommend that you first visit our help center where you will find the answers to any question you may have.