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How to Register cBots & Indicators

When you download a paid product from the ClickAlgo website, it will need to be registered so that you can start using it.

Register Your Product

To register either a 14-day trial or a paid product is very easy, you just need to follow the steps below.

  1. Install your cBot or indicator. (need help?)
  2. Start your cBot or indicator. (need help?)
  3. After a few seconds you will see the registration welcome screen at the top of the chart.

cTrader ID Licensing

We use your unique Trader ID (cTID) is a set of credentials used for signing in across all cTrader platforms across different brokers by using a single identifier. Register once, user anywhere you are signed in with your cTrader ID.

Machine Key Licensing

You may have downloaded a product that still uses a machine key instead of your cTrader ID, this type of license is tied to your computers hardware and you will be able to use the product with multiple cTrader IDs on a maximum of two computers at the same time. You also have the option to remove and add new licenses in your account portal, this is useful if you change computers.

Prop Firm Accounts

If you are using a prop firm like PipFarm, FTMO or any other company, they will issue a new cTrader ID for each new challenge, you will need to contact the them to transfer your trading account cTrader ID from one challenge to another. This allows you to use a single ID for all your trading accounts. If you need help, contact us.


cTrader Mac & Windows

Windows & macOS

All of our products will work with the Windows 7, 10 and 11 Operating systems, we are also upgrading our products for the Mac OS.

Mac OS Products

You can find out more about which products are support on the Mac here.

Trial Activation

To register a 14-day trial you click on the Continue button and it will automatically register and start working. Each time you start the cBot it will show the panel below, you just need to click on the button again to continue.

register clickalgo trial


If you are using a trial copy it will wait for the next tick of data and will not display when the markets are closed for the symbol you are using. If you are using a paid copy then the indicator will show even if the markets are closed.

To register a paid product, you click on the Register Product button and it will open the ClickAlgo product registration page. You may need to login to your ClickAlgo account to register and manage your products.

register clickalgo paid

License Checking for cBots & Indicators

The registration panel above will only ever show once for cBots & indicators, after this each time it starts you will not be shown and the cBot will start as normal.

Silent Verification

All mission critical products like cBots that automatically trade will silently check the license with our remote server without any human interaction, this allows your cBots to auto-restart in the event of a PC or Server restart or reboot.

Windows Only

Some of our products use custom user interface forms, these products will not work with the macOS and require Full Access Rights to run. The license verification window is a floating window instead of attached to a chart as shown below.


clickalgo machine key license


The license activation process is the same as the description above for both trial and paid versions, the only difference is that you need to click on the Continue button.

After Clicking on Verify License or Continue Button

When you click on the verify license or the continue button a window will open to the ClickAlgo product registration page. Follow the steps below.

How to Register

To register a paid product on the ClickAlgo website follow the steps below, the license key is automatically added.

  1. Select the correct product, if you choose the wrong product the cBot or indicator will fail to start.
  2. Type a unique name for the PC or VPS you are using.
  3. Click on the register button.
  4. A message should display stating the product is registered.


register clickalgo products

Machine Key or cTrader ID

The product machine key or your cTID is automatically created and completed for you on the web page above, you do not need to modify the key or send it to us.

After the product is registered just refresh the chart the start an indicator and you will see the license verification welcome screen, this time when you click on the Continue button the product will start.

Manage Licenses

As a customer you can at anytime remove a product license that is assigned to a PC or VPS.

manage clickalgo products

License FAQs

All of our paid products require licensing, this is to prevent piracy, we hope you understand that each product takes many days, weeks or months to create, so we need to protect our work. Each purchase offers:.

  1. One year of free support from the date of purchase.
  2. One year of free upgrades from the date of purchase.

Free Downloads

There is no licensing on all free software downloads, you are not limited to the number of machines you can install it on. You can read more about the limitations of free downloads here.

Trial Downloads

All trial downloads are for 14 days and there are no restrictions or limitations of the product.

License Terms

You only need to register each product once to work with any broker account on multiple computers, and each product license is tied to your unique cTrader ID.

Multiple Brokers

If you are using more than one cTrader Broker, your product will work with all of them, this is because your cTrader ID is shared.

Lifetime License

All of the licenses are valid for the product's lifetime, but you will only receive product updates for the first year.

Product Updates

Customers can upgrade to the latest version anytime in the first year of purchase or re-order.

After the 1-Year

After 1-year from the date you purchased the product, the download button in your ClickAlgo downloads will show a Re-Order button, and if you click on this you can re-order the product to download the latest version with bug fixes and feature updates. If the version number of the latest version is the same as the version you are currently using, you will not need to do anything.

No Source Code

We do not provide the source code for any of our digitally downloaded products unless otherwise stated on the product page, the source code is the intellectual property (IP) of or our vendors and is not available to the public.

You can contact us if you wish to purchase the software.


When you download a SOFTWARE PRODUCT from the ClickAlgo website to automatically agree to our End User License Agreement.