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ChatGPT Introduction

ChatGPT is an innovative artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI that serves as an advanced conversational agent that Harnesses the power of natural language processing, ChatGPT is designed to engage in meaningful and contextually relevant conversations with users across a wide range of topics and domains. Utilizing a sophisticated neural network architecture, ChatGPT continuously learns from vast amounts of textual data, enabling it to generate human-like responses and adapt to various conversational styles.

cTrader ChatGPT cBot

ChatGPT can be utilized to build a cTrader cBot, although with some adaptations and integrations, but while ChatGPT specializes in natural language processing and conversation generation, it can be integrated into a trading bot system through APIs and custom development. We found that ChatGPT is not suitable for non-programmers.

Use Cases

One of the most useful use cases of using an A.I to generate code for your cTrader cBot is for R&D or testing your idea's before you contact a development company to build your system, this will save you time and money. Some usage is as follows:

  • Basic automation using a single indicator for trade signals.
  • Basic cBot to send alerts via email or Telegram.
  • Example snippets of code.

English Speakers

Experts are warning that non-English speakers around the world are being left behind because Artificial Intelligence systems are biased towards the English language. In the last few months companies, often backed by governments, have raced to launch or begin building AIs for their native languages including Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and multiple Indian languages.


For now, non-English speakers will have a disadvantage when using ChatGPT, so using it to create cTrader cBots will be difficult.

Common Issues

One of the most common issues we have heard from customers who are attempting to use A.I to build cBots is describing exactly what they need when writing it down and talking to ChatGPT. It is almost impossible to explain or the small details and complexity of any more than a simple strategy.

Create a cBot

It is possible to build a simple cBot for the cTrader platform using ChatGPT, but is requires a good understanding of exactly what you need, we found that ChatGPT is not quite ready for more complex algorithms to trade on the markets.



While an AI language model is capable of aiding in the development and enhancement of trading strategies by offering insights, guidance, and information grounded in the fundamentals of trading, market analysis, and quantitative finance, it's crucial to acknowledge that crafting effective trading strategies demands a blend of proficiency in finance, economics, statistics, programming, and market comprehension. While it can provide support across these domains, the creation and execution of trading strategies ultimately hinge on human judgment and decision-making.

Use a Coder

In most cases for more complex and detailed algorithms, ChatGPT is unable to help, instead you will need to create a detailed project description with all your trade rules and risk management for your automated trading system or trading tool and send this to a programmer to build for you.

When you use a professional coder you can easily communicate what you need and during the testing phase you can check what does and doesn't work and talk to the developer to fix these issues. In the long run this is not only quicker, but will reduce your stress, so you can focus on trading.

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