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cTrader Coding Help

We can provide free advice and support for new developers who are attempting to create their cBots and indicators, although we cannot write your cBot project for you, we can provide basic help, identify your issues and point you in the right direction.


cTrader Coding Help

General Questions

If you have a general question about coding with Microsoft C# and the NET framework using the cTrader Desktop platform then our Telegram group is a good place to start, either we or a group member will help you. Please do not post your cBot code as it will only be removed, if you need to post code examples use the option below.

Help with Project

If you already have a cBot project and you are stuck with one part of the code or there is a bug you cannot fix, please post a full description of the problem and your code example on the Coding Help Forum.


We will not be able to write your code for you, the help we can provide is for guidance and to help you learn.