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Installing cTrader cBots

To help you with any confusion, a cTrader cBot can be an automated trading system or a custom indicator. A cBot is a name specific to the cTrader platform and not used in any other trading platform, this is the same for an Expert Advisor (EA) which is specific to the MetaTrader platform only and not a term used in the financial markets with other trading platforms.

Click Option

When you install cTrader Desktop onto your PC it configures the filesystem so that any file with an extension of .algo is associated with the cTrader application. This means that once you have downloaded the file from a website, social media channel or by email, you can install it by simply double clicking on the file with your mouse.

Directory Option

If the easy option fails for any reason another way of installing your cBots is to copy and paste them into the Robots or Indicators directory on your PC, you can find this directory below.

  • \My Documents\cAlgo\Sources\Robots
  • \My Documents\cAlgo\Sources\Indicators

Unlimited Access

With some cBots you may notice a popup asking for unlimited access rights, this is required for most paid products downloaded from due to the fact that they require access to provide functionality like contacting the license server, sending Telegram alerts or retrieving financial data from the internet.

cTrader Unlimited Access Rights

We recommend that you do not accept full access from individuals or companies who are not official cTrader partners.