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Installing cTrader Plugins

When you download a cTrader plugin from a 3rd party website like, you will notice that they are the same as cBots with the .algo extension, so to install a plugin, you follow the same steps as installing a standard cBot. With our downloads, you will need to unzip the file and double click to install automatically. Instructions to install are the same for Installing cBots.


You can only have one instance of a plugin running at anytime and you can see how many plugins are currently running in the top menu with a green badge telling you how many are currently running. If you click on the plugin icon you will open the settings window where you can manage all plugins.

cTrader Plugin Count

Managing Plugins

You can access the plugin management settings from either clicking on the plugin icon in the menu as shown above or by accessing the platform settings and selecting the plugin option. You will see all the plugins that are installed on your PC and you can turn them on or off as well as permamnenetly delete them from your computer.

cTrader Manage Plugins

Starting Plugins

You can access a plugin from the Active Symbol Panel on the right or the Trade Watch Window on the bottom if displayed, the example below shows a plugin we have published called the Forex Technical Analysis Plugin in the ASP panel.

cTrader Plugin Demo

Plugin Store

You can access all the cTrader plugins that we have created from our plugin store. We are in the process of creating many Free plugins for you to download of the next few months.

Plugin Store