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How to Backtest Your Strategy

It is possible to backtest a strategy that you have just built or even a strategy that you have saved, to do this you need to follow the normal procedures to backtest a cTrader cBot.

Video Demo

What a quick demonstration showing how easy it is to backtest the strategy you created using this tool.

cTrader Strategy Builder cBot Backtest

Strategy Validation

It is easy to check if the strategy is working correct, you simply add the indicators to the chart that you plan to use and run the backtest, once the backtest is complete just check the entry and exit points of the trade to make sure they are correct. Also take into account any trades closing using your risk management rules.

cTrader Strategy Validation

Timeframe Issues

If you use a chart with a 1 hour timeframe and use indicators with any other timeframe that is not 1 hour, you will not be able to validate the entry and exit points of a trade as shown above.

No Trades

If you are experiencing no trades when you run a backtest, add all the indicators to the chart with the correct timeframes and analyse the potential entry points to see if a trade would have opened. In most cases the combination of indicators do not provide a bullish or bearish signal to open a trade.