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Algo Strategy Builder

Version 1.3.0 - updated 11.07.2024

Welcome to the user guide for the cTrader Algorithmic Trading Strategy building tool where we will show you how to create an automated trading system based on technical indicators, risk management and other trade rules with no coding experience. With this tool you can build, run and export automatically generated Microsoft C# code that will run on the cTrader platform as well as backtest and optimise the strategy.

It is also possible to use this tool to provide complex trade alerts based on multiple indicators with multiple timeframes, you can receive an alert via a pop up window, email or Telegram message. You can turn off the feature to open automatic trades and just receive trade signals.

cTrader Strategy Builder Video

Long Term Support & Feature Additions

The cTrader Strategy Builder offers long-term support (LTS) and regular new releases, and it will eventually include all the standard indicators provided by the cTrader platform and some of the best-known custom indicators.

Another unique feature is the ability to create code on the fly and export to a cTrader cBot.

Watch the quick video demo on the left.


You can download the full paid version by clicking on the button below, this will take you to the product page.



In order to use the Algo Strategy Builder cBot for the cTrader platform you first need to make sure that you are using cTrader Desktop for Windows and that you have downloaded the cBot from the product page at


This product is licensed to run on two PCs at any time, you can also remove and register your own licenses.

Algo Builder License

14 Day Trial

We offer a 14 day free trial, so that you can test drive the software before you go ahead and purchase it, you can download a trial on the product page, the button is below the buy now button.

Free Version

The free beta version allows you to build strategies using all the different types of moving average indicators, simple, hull, exponential, weighted, VIYDA, time series, triangular, welles wilder & Relative Strength Index. Each indicator can have independent timeframes & periods allowing 100's of different combinations to create your strategy.


In order to be able to use this tool you will first need to have an idea for a known or personal strategy based on the available indicators provided, an example would be something like a fast and slow moving average over a set period and timeframe.

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • cTrader Desktop

macOS & cTrader Web - not supported

This product will only work using the Windows operating system and will not work with the macOS for cTrader or cTrader Web.