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Load & Save your Algo Strategies

It is possible to save the strategies that you have built using the Algo Strategy Builder and load them later to run them or make additional changes and you can also share the strategy files with other traders.

Algo Builder Save


Available Strategies

When you select the drop down list to show all strategies, it will show all the strategies that are available from your local folder, these can be used with any symbol or asset. Watch the video on the left if you need further help.


Loading a Strategy

To load an existing strategy just select one from the list and click on the open button, you should see the name and description shown on the left hand side where you create a new strategy.

load ctrader strategy

Deleting a Strategy

To delete an existing strategy, you must first load it and then click on the Delete button.

Saving a Strategy

You can save your strategy in the Review Strategy section.

Open Strategy Folder

You can open the folder that contains all the strategy files by clicking on the Folder button, this is useful if you want to share your strategies and if someone shares one with you.

ctrader strategy folder

Open Cloud Folder

You can open the folder on the Cloud (Google Drive) where we will share example strategies to help you get started.

Strategy Files

Developers only

Editing the XML files is not recommended, but may be useful for quick editing when backtesting.

The strategy files that are saved to your PC contain all the strategy details in XML format as shown above. As a user you do not need to understand XML, but we will cover this just incase you are interested.

cTrader Strategy Format

XML File Editor

You can use an XML editor to open the XML files to study them, any changes to the structure of the file could corrupt the format and result in an error when you attempt to load your strategy.