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Review & Run your Strategy

Once you have built your strategy the last step is to review all the trade rules, risk management and trade actions and once you are happy you can save the strategy to your PC as a file to be loaded again later or run the strategy.

Review cTrader cBot Strategy

Save Strategy

You can save the strategy with the name set in the start building section, and it will be saved to your PC in the documents folder, if you wish to view all your saved strategies just go back to the Start Building section and select it from the saved strategies list.

Run Strategy

When you are ready, you can run your strategy as a cTrader cBot using the symbol shown in the Start Building tab, this will be the symbol for the chart when you attached the cBot. If you selected the open notepad option then your strategy rules will be open in notepad, but the algo builder tool window will close.

Generate Code

The generate code button will take you to the Export Code section where you can automatically create C# code to build a cBot with cTrader with no coding experience.