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How to Setup Trade Rules

Once you have selected the indicators that you wish to use your next step is to define your trade rules, these trade rules will be decided by the type of strategy that you wish to build, so make sure you have all the trade rules ready before you start building.

cTrader Strategy Trade Rules


How to build trade rules

If you start the video on the left, we will demonstrate how to create basic trade rules for an SMA and RSI strategy. If you have any questions or need help you can ask them on the support site.


Rule Building

Once you have selected the indicators you wish to use in your strategy, your next step is to define the trade rules for both your bullish and bearish signals. You will notice your indicators are now abbreviated with the settings values, so the simple moving average is now SMA, 14, hour which means 14 periods and 1 hour timeframe. You can currently add up to 50 trade rules

cTrader Trade Rules

Rule Types

There are currently two types of rules which will cover almost all signals from indicators:

  1. Bullish/Bearish Signal: where an indicator is showing a bullish signal to trade based on its parameters.
  2. Crossed Above/Below: where indicator #1 is above or below indicator #2, use mostly for moving averages.


You can have different trade rules for both bullish and bearish signals, they do not need to be the same. If you select a bullish/bearish signal, this is for a single indicator, you do not need to select indicator #2.

Add Rule

It is possible to add different Buy or Sell trade rules or the same depending on your strategy, to add a new trade rule you just click on the red text that says Click here to add a new trade rule. A new line will be created and you can select from a drop down list any of the indicators you selected in the Choose Indicators section.

Save Rule

To save a trade rule you can press enter on the keyboard or click on the Save button, this will save both the bullish and bearish rules.

Delete Rule

To delete a trade rule you need to tick the check box in the first column and click on the Delete button.