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NinjaTrader Account Protection

The NinjaTrader Risk Manager Account Protection Panel allows you to set pre-defined alerts when your margin level drops, daily profit targets are reached and many other useful features to protect your account.


One of the most useful features of the NinjaTrader Risk Manager is the ability to stop the trader from submitting new orders when a trade rule has been set, an example would be when a Net or Daily profit has been achieved and it is time to stop trading for the day or when the account equity has dropped a set percentage. If for any reason you want to override this, you will need to restart NinjaTrader.

NinjaTrader Account Protection

Alarm Types

There are currently 9 different alart types including the account lock out feature, and these are the most common events that are required to project your account.

  • Margin Level Drops Below - When your margin level drops below the set % amount.

  • Drawdown Risk Exceeds - When the account equity drawdown level is greater than the % value set.

  • Balance Has Increased By - When your balance had increased by a set %, set from when the Add-on starts.

  • Balance Has Decreased By - When your balance had decreased by a set %, set from when the Add-on starts.

  • Net Profit has achieved - When all your open positions winners and losers show an unrealised profit value of the preset amount.

  • Net Profit Losing More Than - When your unrealised net profit considers all winners and losers combined.

  • Account Equity Drops Below - When your unrealised account equity drops below the set amount.

  • Daily Profit Target Achieved- When your profit for the day has reached as realised profit.

Lock Account

The checkbox at the end of the alarm type will allow you to also lock the account and prevent you from submitting new orders when the alarm has been activated, you will still be able to close and manage existing trades, but not sumbit new ones.

Alarm Events

There are various events to choose when you set up and alarm, you can choose any of the ones listed below as well as an optional Lock Account option, this can be turned on or off by checking the box.

  • (Do Nothing) - no event will happen.
  • Pop-up message - displays a pop-up box on the screen with the alert, you will need to close the message when you have read it.
  • Email message - send you an email that you configured in the settings tab with details of the account event.
  • Telegram Bot - send you a FREE Instant message to your telegram bot.
  • Voice alert - a voice in English will be heard telling you of the account event that has just occurred.
  • Close Position - closes a single position when for example it is 20 pips in profit and sends an email.
  • Close all positions - close all open positions when an event occurs and send an email.
  • Close winning positions - close only winning positions and send an email.
  • Close losing positions - close only losing positions and send an email.

Switch On/Off

You can turn the alert events on or off by moving the slider left or right untill it shows On or Off.

Display Messages

You also have the option to configure how the pop up messages are displayed by clicking on the notepad icon on the right of the alarm event dropdown option.

NinjaTrader Messages